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Oktober 2016

SO. 02.10. - ab 21 Uhr
Party - Trille
2. Loschwitzer Kneipennacht - mit Stehkragencharlie & Bruno K

Alle Jahre wieder, die Loschwitzer Kneipennacht! Aus diesem Anlass haben wir es uns nicht nehmen lassen das Bollwerk der Dresdener Schallplattenunterhalter anzuheuern. Stehkragencharlie & Bruno K. fluten an diesem Abend mit einem Potpourri der letzten 100 Jahre Musikgeschichte die Gehörgänge. Oldies, Rock, Schuldisko-Tunes, Wohngebietsunterhaltung! Alles in allem bleibt hier kein Tanzbein trocken.

Der Eintritt ist frei! Kulturbeitrag kann gern am Tresen abgegeben werden!

FR. 07.10. - 20 Uhr
Konzert - Trille
Scherbenwelt - "Acoustic Live" Tour 2016

Seit der Gründung 2011 steht die Band um Sänger und Frontmann Martin Schneider, wie keine zweite für emotionalen Pop der Extraklasse. Mit persönlichen Texten aus dem eigenen Leben und viel Gefühl begeistert die Formation immer mehr Menschen aus den unterschiedlichsten Schichten und ist nicht nur unter Kennern längst zu einem Geheimtipp geworden. Das Erfolgsrezept dabei ist denkbar einfach. Egal ob laut oder leise, cool oder zerbrechlich, das eigene Leben führt Regie.

Im September startet die Scherbenwelt "Acoustic Live" Tour 2016. Wir präsentieren Euch unsere schönsten Songs in intimer Atmosphäre von ihrer besten Seite. Von Angesicht zu Angesicht möchten wir gemeinsam mit Euch, unvergessliche Konzerte erleben.

SO. 23.10. - 20 Uhr
Club|Debil - Trille
B°tong (CH), Ltd. Liabilty Sounds (Pl), Skrei (I) und Emerge (D)

B°TONG hostile soundscapes (Switzerland / Silken Tofu, Reverse Alignment)

Chris Sigdell is an experimental electronic musician. He developed a soft spot for early industrial textures and pioneering ambient soundscapes while cutting his teeth in cult industrial band NID (1995-2005). He builds an interesting body of work that moves in various directions at the same time. From dealings with ambient and isolationism on one hand and experimental music, ranging from the soft microsound end to the more engaging noise end, in a clever combination of ideas… Since 2005 he has performed at more than 200 venues in Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA, and has appeared at various experimental and industrial festivals such as: Norberg Festivalen (S), Temple Of Silence (PL), PNEM (NL), Støy På Landet (N), Monsters Of Rot (IRL), Destroy All Artifacts (UK), Unser Industrie (DE), Ausklang (DE), Shift (CH), Lab30 (DE), Kildemose Festivalen (DK), Zeit Für Lärm (DE), Sinus Series (CH). b°tong has released over 10 albums on labels like Drone Records (DE), Zoharum (PL), Attenuation Circuit (DE), Noecho Records (UK) and Gears Of Sand (USA). Nowadays he is signed to Greytone („Hostile Environments“ CD) and Silken Tofu („Prostration Before Infinity“ LP).

LIMITED LIABILITY SOUNDS ambient electronics (Poland)

Polish ambient/electronic musician Adam Mankowski. Project is active since 2006, when his first official CD-R release „So Hysterical!“ was released. The name „Limited Liability Sounds“ is a kind of protest against the treatment of noise as a phenomenon that does not deserve the term as a musical genre. Mankowski claims that the noise is something natural which has always accompanied man, and has the same rights as silence. Music by LLS is a mixture of drones, experimental electronics, ambient, sometimes noise and field recordings. For the last three years he has been working with a few skillful artists/producers like Ishida Naoki (Japan), Stoned Wire (Hungary), Dao De Noize (Ukraine), Gimu (Brazil) and Luca Asari (Italy).

EMERGE abstract minimal electronics (Germany / Attenuation Circuit)

Sascha Stadlmeyer is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating sound structures intended to make atmospheres that are open to the listener’s own interpretation. The choice of sound sources he uses is usually very limited. In most cases only rudimentary pieces of the original sounds are recognizable due to various treatments. Emerge also uses and recycles raw material from a variety of artists/musicians.

SKREI drones (Germany)

is a drone project of Giuseppe Capriglione. The loop tape is only sound element of live . Processing and working with multitracker tape recorder, are creating a minimal Drone Sound.